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Beginners Montessori House, India, Kolkata was established on 13th December 1996. The founder, Principal and owner of the school is Neelakshi Shukla. The Montessori House started off with three teachers, two non-teaching staff and ten children. With devotion and dedication and sincere efforts the small sapling that was sown in Lake Town has bloomed into a beautiful tree with three more branches spreading out in Teghoria, Kestopur, Motijheel and Saltlake. Now it has strength of sixty teachers, forty five non-teaching staff and an average of eight hundred children. The teachers are well trained and very efficient in handling children whose age group ranges from one and half years to five years. The classes are divided according to the age group. Special care and attention are given to all the children. Parent -Teachers meetings are held every month to update the parents about the progress of the child. There is constant interaction between the parents, teachers and the higher authorities of the school. The school believes in working together towards the main goal, i.e. to inculcate in the children the true values of life, so that they grow up to be wonderful human beings....

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Laketown Branch

238, Canal Street. Kolkata-700048, Phone No. : 91-33-2521-7076, 033 25219000 Mobile : 9830265477/9432088554/9830383410/9903987278

Motijheel Branch

138/14, Debinibas Road,Kolkata-700074
Phone No. : 91-33-25603031 Mobile : 9830265477/9903783783

Teghoria Branch

25, Nazrul Islam Avnue. Mondal Ganthi, Block-'O', Kolkata-700052, West Bengal, India
Phone No. : 91-33-25009000 Mobile : 9830265477/9331411521/9830337861

Kestopur Branch

BF-1, Rabindrapally,Kolkata-700101.
Phone No. : 9830265477/9830577905

Saltlake Branch

CA 23, Sector I, Saltlake City, Kolkata 700064 Phone : 033-23215022 Mobile : 9830265477/9831161681